We Hope You Enjoyed The Engaging Employees Conference!

The Engaging Employees Conference – Optimising Performance was produced by Global Insight Conferences. If you would like to purchase the speaker presentations, available for £199, please email info@engagingemployeesconference.com for more information.

Take A Look At Our Sister Event…The Internal Commmunications Conference London Real Impact, Real Results.

Internal Communications Which Demonstrably Maximise Engagement & Bottom-Line Results: Drive Business Strategy & Position Internal Comms At The Heart Of The Business With Engaging, Innovative Channel Strategies & Social Media Collaboration To Demonstrate Real, Measurable Value

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 28th June 2016, One America Square, Central London. Download Brochure Here. Book Before Next Thursday 18th February & Save Between £175 & £404.

PLUS! 2 Separately-Bookable, Post-Conference, Half-Day Workshops, 29th June:
AM) Engaging Social Media Strategies Which Deliver
PM) Harnessing The Power Of Internal Communications To Embed Behavioural & Cultural Change

26 Fresh Perspectives On Frontline Engagement Strategies For Crafting Internal Communications Which Exert Real Strategic Influence & Demonstrate Real Business Impact:

  1. Best-In-Class Engagement Strategies: Fresh, best-practice insights into driving engagement across your entire workforce
  2. Driving Social Media Collaboration & Enterprise Social Networks: Creating engaged two-way dialogue with dynamic social media communications at all levels
  3. Demonstrate Impact, Performance, Value: Build a complete picture of performance to accurately demonstrate your impact and ROI
  4. Maximising Strategic Influence In The Boardroom: Enhance your role, reach and impact within the organisation with integrated, influential and results-driven strategies
  5. Connecting With The Hard-To-Reach: Innovative comms techniques to get your message heard for a more engaged, tuned-in workforce, everywhere
  6. Inspire & Engage Employees Through Change: Keep employees motivated and productive whilst embedding behavioural, cultural or organisational change
  7. Engaging Leaders? Empowering leaders to communicate meaningfully and effectively for more productive teams and genuine, engaging two-way dialogue
  8. The Big Channel Debate – New Technologies & Innovations: Position your organisation at the cutting-edge of internal comms by capitalising on the latest technologies and innovations
  9. Intranet, Video, Mobile, Traditional Channels Channel Strategy & Performance: Comparing and contrasting today’s channels for results-driven internal communications strategies and budget allocation

PLUS! This Internal Communications Conference – Real Impact, Real Results Features:

  • 26 Internal Communications Innovators: 5 Finance – 5 Telcos – 5 Travel – 5 Charity & Public Sector – 6 Leading Brands
  • 1 Unmissable Day
  • 97% Average Delegate Satisfaction Rating
  • 4 Informal Peer-To-Peer Roundtable Discussions: A) Budget-Friendly Comms B) Global Organisations C) Compelling Content  D) What Makes A Great Campaign?
  • New Technologies & Innovations Panel Discussion
  • Channel Strategy & Performance Panel Discussion
  • 1 Triple Perspective: Best-In-Class Engagement
  • 14 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Your Hottest Internal Communications Topics
  • Central London Conference Venue
  • 2 Conference Chairmen
  • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A

26 Internal Comms Innovators Unite At This Unique One-Day, Brand-Led Event: Best-In-Class Engagement • Social Media Measurement & ROI • Strategic Influence • Technology & Innovation • Intranet • Traditional Channels • Video • Mobile • Channel Performance • Hard-To-Reach • Change Comms • Engaging Leaders

The Driving Change Conference London

Fresh, Innovative Approaches To Employee Engagement & Inspiring Change Communications To Drive Impactful, Sustained Cultural, Behavioural & Organisational Change

Engage Leaders, Harness New Technologies, Overcome Resistance, Optimise Organisational Structures & Align Change Design Processes With Business Goals To Positively, Demonstrably Impact The Bottom Line

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 20th September 2016, One America Square, Central London. Download brochure here. Book Before 16th June & Save £150.

Raise The Bar With Pioneering Approaches To Driving Change: Engage, Support & Communicate With Employees To Boost Performance & Impact The Bottom Line Throughout The Change Curve:

  1. Embedding Cultural & Behavioural Change: Change hearts, minds and behaviours in the long-term to improve performance and outcomes
  2. Inspiring & Engaging Employees: Building trust and improving morale with honest, timely and engaging two-way communications to support your employees through the change curve
  3. Maximise Success By Engaging Senior & Middle Management: Drive top-down change with strong, visible support from senior leaders and harness the power of team leaders and change champions to engage, motivate and deliver the right message
  4. Managing Negative Change: Maintaining strong employee engagement and trust through times of negative change, restructuring and uncertainty
  5. Measuring Intangibles: Techniques to evaluate and quantify changes in behaviour, happiness, engagement and well-being
  6. Strategy – Aligning HR & Business Goals: Aligning strategic vision with HR and business change objectives to ensure long-term success and demonstrable results
  7. Tactics – Designing Optimum Change Programmes: Impact positively on the bottom line with optimum organisational structures and change processes
  8. Measure Impact & Prove Value: Key analytics, data and KPIs to measure and evaluate the success and impact of your change activities
  9. Fresh, Innovative Approaches To: New Technologies • Complex, Global Change • Developing A More Agile Organisation

PLUS! This Driving Change Conference Features:

  • 27 Change Innovators From Industry-Leading Brands
  • 1 Unmissable Day
  • 97% Average Delegate Satisfaction Rating
  • 8 Informal Roundtable Peer Discussions: A)“But We’ve Always Done It This Way!” B) Making Change ‘Stick’ C) Getting To The Top Table D) The ‘Survivor Syndrome’ E) Regulated/Strongly Unionised Industries F) Change ‘Toolkit’ G) Being Ready For Change H) Workforce Planning
  • 1 Panel Discussion On Fresh Approaches To Employee Engagement
  • 14 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Your Hottest Change Management Issues & Challenges
  • 2 Conference Chairmen
  • NEW! Fresh, Case Study Snapshots
  • NEW! Strategy & Tactics Focus
  • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
  • Interactive Voting
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A

Who Should Attend The Driving Change Conference?

HR • Change & Transformation • Employee Engagement • Culture & Engagement • Organisational Development/Design • Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Talent/ Performance Management

Real Insight From 27 Leading Brands In One Inspiring Day: Cultural & Behavioural Change • Employee Engagement • Engaging Leaders • Engaging Middle Management • Communicating Change • Managing Negative Change • Innovation & Technology • Complex, Global Change • Agile Organisations • Proving Impact • Measuring Intangibles • Strategy: Aligning HR & Business Goals • Tactics: Designing Change