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Cut Through The Noise During Periods Of Change & In The Day-To-Day To Boost Organisational Performance, Productivity & Retention With Innovative, Value-Adding Employee Engagement Channels & Strategies.

Harness The Power Of Social Media, New Tools & Channels, Drive Change, Win Over Senior Stakeholders, Develop Leaders & Demonstrate Bottom-Line Impact

A One-Day Networking Conference, 30th November 2016, De Vere Venues Canary Wharf, London. Download The Brochure Here.

08.30 Speed Networking
Meet and swap business cards with fellow attendees and make new connections before the conference day begins!

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Heather Wagoner
Director, Internal Communication & Engagement


09.15 Maintaining Employee Engagement, Involving Colleagues & Boosting Productivity With Effective Change Strategies During Periods Of Organisational Change, Uncertainty Or Tough Trading Conditions

  • Deliver meaningful communications that cut through the noise and resonate with employees in periods of change
  • Boost engagement and maintain productivity levels as you take colleagues on a journey through disruptive periods
  • What can we measure and adapt during difficult periods? As the key announcements and changes are made, how should we amend our communication strategies to soften the impact and
    duration of employee negativity?
  • Provide insight-driven communications to all target audiences to counteract the negative reactions of those resistant to change
  • Implementing transparency into your employee engagement strategy – is radio silence really the correct approach?

Alex Kalomparis
Director, Internal Communications & Community Investment


09.35 Change Scenario Learnings
Apply your learnings from previous change experiences! Swap ideas, best practice and lessons learned by participating in creating quick-thinking change communication strategies based on real-world change scenarios.
Katie White
Head of Engagement


09.55 Stepping Up Your Employee Engagement Strategy To Ensure Insight-Driven Communications Are Reaching & Resonating With Your Entire Workforce

  • Developing a culture of open, two-way communication which maintains engagement and encourages employee autonomy and development
  • Deliver insight-driven communications that reflect the needs and wants of employees – avoid broadcasting disengaging content from the ivory tower!
  • Understanding what motivates employees of all demographics, how individuals want to be engaged and the most effective channels available to ensure business-wide success

09.55 Introducing LifeWorks, The Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Platform
Jamie True
CEO & Founder

10.15 Drew McMillan
Head of Internal Communication & Innovation
Virgin TrainsEE2016_macmillan(virgin)

10.35 Informal Networking Break & Morning Refreshments

11.05 How To Gain More Insight & Value From Employee Engagement Research
Ghassan Karian
Karian and BoxEE2016_karian(karianbox)


11.35 Harnessing Winning Innovations, New Tools & Channels To Maximise Employee Engagement & Boost Performance For Demonstrable Business Benefit

  • Tailoring your communication strategy to reach employees through their preferred channels of choice to boost hit rates and engagement – what has been proven to work?
  • Going old school: what can traditional channels offer to complement the newer, more technological approach to internal communications?
  • What innovative ways are there to maximise the impact of tools and channels to influence, engage and empower employees on a tight budget?
  • How do we create meaningful connectivity across global organisations to drive engagement?
  • What’s the next big thing in colleague engagement and how can we capitalise on it to benefit the bottom line?

Angharad Miller
Head of Internal Communications & Community Engagement
TSB BankEE2016_miller(TSB)

Hayley James (Chart. PR)
Communications Business Partner

Jamie True
CEO & Founder

Emily Forbes
Founder and CEO


12.05 Engaging Employees Through Everyday Innovation
Rosemarie Diegnan
Chief Strategy & Product Officer


12.20 Reach & Engage Hard-To-Reach Employees & Leaders Across Multiple Sites & Geographical Locations To Fully Achieve Business-Wide Collaboration

  • Optimising the available resources and channels to drive insightful, engaging communications to hard-to-reach employees
  • What are the innovative technologies and strategies out there to help us engage most effectively with remote teams with no easy digital access?
  • Utilising real-time communications to build a culture of inclusivity that truly involves disparate workforces in the business strategy
  • Ain’t no mountain high enough! Ensuring your communication outreach involves staff from any geographical location and enables them to work collaboratively with the main sites

Heather Wagoner
Director, Internal Communication & Engagement

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.00 Informal Lunchtime Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Empowering Staff To Act As Ambassadors
Sarah Guerra
Head of Employee Engagement & Culture
HM Revenue & CustomsEE2016_Guerra(HMRevenue)

B) Encouraging Inclusion & Diversity
Joyce Idoniboye
Business Partner – People
HarperCollins PublishersEE2016_idoniboye(harper)

C) Engaging Different Demographics
Tammy Palmer
Head of People Development & Engagement
Age UKEE2016_palmer(ageuk)

D) Comms On A Shoestring
Jacqui Hill
Head of Internal Engagement & Communication
Cancer Research UKEE2016_hill(cancer)

E) Promoting Employee Health & Wellbeing
Fiona Lavery
Head of UK People Management

F) Outcomes Or Outputs?
Howard Krais
Communications Director

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Howard Krais
Communications Director


13.50 Best-Practice Measurement Methods & Techniques: Gain Real-Time, Holistic Insight Into Employee Engagement Levels & Maximise Business-Wide Inclusion & Evidence The Tangible Benefits

  • Leveraging new measurement technologies to increase hit rates, comprehensively gauge employee engagement levels and generate real-time feedback
  • Advice on clarifying what we should ask of the data and how to correlate the information to build a story that succinctly documents the staff engagement journey across the business
  • Decipher statistics and collect tangible data on efficiency and output levels across the organisation to calculate performance management priorities
  • Our survey says…inconclusive! How can we accurately measure the employee voice in real time and ensure we are truly listening?

David Littlechild
Head of Culture & Engagement
Lloyds Banking GroupEE2016_Littlechild(Lloyds)

Fiona Lavery
Head of UK People Management

Howard Krais
Communications Director

Ali Shaheen
Chief Product Officer

eKomi Ltd


14.25 How to Engage Your Workforce With Your Company´s Own Branded Employee App
5 common mistakes made while taking employee communication mobile and how to avoid the Romeo and Juliet kind of ending

Dr. Martin Böhringer



14.40 Getting Leaders & Managers On Board With Your Engagement Strategies & Maintaining Their Interest & Buy-In So They Can Continue To Engage Others

  • Key takeaways and the pitfalls to avoid whilst developing manager skills to ensure they are capable of supporting, engaging with and getting the best out of their teams
  • How can we develop aspiring leaders to improve their understanding of engagement concepts early on?
  • Convincing leaders that effective employee engagement is much more than just a tick box exercise and can drive individual performance as well as directly impact the bottom line and their careers

Sharon Kemp
Colleague Engagement Business Partner

Claire Pollock
HR Director
The Body Shop, L’OréalEE2016_pollock(bodyshop)

Vilma Nikolaidou
Head of Organisational Development: Leadership, Engagement, Culture

15.10 Informal Networking Break & Afternoon Refreshments


15.40 Modernising Traditional Channels
In light of the changes to engagement strategies, how can we modernise traditional channels to develop a best-in-class approach to employee engagement? Share ideas, best practice and personal experiences to develop a fully-functional employee engagement strategy that utilises methods such as face-to-face
and print to reach and engage with employees.
Facilitated By The Conference Chair


16.00 Innovative Approaches & Effective Methods Which Identify, Reward & Continue To Drive Employee Excellence Without Breaking The Bank

  • Understanding the demonstrable benefits of reward and recognition schemes and the commercial importance they have on employee engagement
  • What smart and intuitive ways are there to recognise performance, whilst also keeping costs down?
  • A look to spontaneous, low-value recognition frameworks that bypass committees and internal procedures and generate positive behaviours for the future
  • Assessing the impact of packages and benefits – which options or tools really work and continue to generate the right behaviours?

Frances Williams
Head of Employee Engagement & Reward
Great Western RailwayEE2016_williams(GWR)


16.25 Cultivating Behaviours & Open Cultures Which Encourage Two-Way Communication, Boost Engagement & Align Employees With The Brand’s Core Vision & Values

  • Advice on developing a culture of trust, autonomy and open conversation which encourages positive behaviour, boosts staff engagement and involves employees in the brand’s fundamental values
  • Drive the importance of culture during periods of change through effective communications strategies to ensure employees recognise their role in the future of the company
  • Is there still an appetite for ambassador programmes?
  • Ensure staff buy into employee engagement champions and sustain their engagement as you continue to cultivate business-wide culture
  • What tools are out there to help support long-term internal cultural and behavioural change?

Alice Colarusso
Head of Internal Communications

16.50 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

Consolidate your learnings at these separately-bookable, post-conference, half-day workshops: 1st December 2016

AM) Maintaining Employee Engagement From Start To Finish During Periods Of Organisational Change, Disruption & Uncertainty

09.00 Morning Workshop Registration

09.15 How Do You Persuade Employees That Change Is A Positive Thing?

  • Developing approaches to change management which maximise employee buy-in, encourage understanding and minimise resistance
  • What tools, training and support are available to ease employees into the new changes?
  • Managing and motivating employees who are resistant to change and dealing with non-conformists or loss of staff

David Ollerhead
Head of the Business Change Practice
Network RailEE2016_ollerhead(networkrail)

10.00 Communicate Change To Employees To Build Trust & Maintain Engagement Through Disruptive Periods

  • Harnessing all communication tools available to you and identifying the most appropriate channels to maximise trust, feelings of security and business-wide engagement
  • Understanding how management can play a crucial support role in communicating and driving change and boosting levels of employee engagement
  • Detecting early signs of disengagement and reacting quickly to mitigate and minimise damage during periods of change
  • Avoiding ‘change fatigue’ – advice on keeping employees motivated through long periods of change

Emma Findlay
Colleague Experience Manager
Kingfisher plc

10.45 Refreshment Break & Networking

11.15 The Belonging Litmus Test: Find Out If Culture Is Helping Or Harming Your Business & What You Can Do About It

  • The Parameters of Belonging
  • Is belonging helping or harming your business?
  • Defining the big issue
  • What you can do about it
  • Q&A and Feedback

Isabel Collins

Belonging Space

11.45 Winning Employees Back

  • Successfully re-engaging employees after major change: re-building and re-motivating workforces
  • Managing the “survivor syndrome” – techniques to support and motivate those retained after redundancy and restructuring
  • Techniques to help people know how to work and act in the new organisational environment – ensuring staff at all levels feel valued and have a sense of belonging
  • Lessons learned from successful and less-successful change

Seb Hearmon
Head of Internal Communications – Energy, Marketing & Trading

12.30 Morning Workshop Closes

PM) Develop & Train High-Calibre, Solution-Focused Managers & Leaders Who Listen & Communicate Key Messages Which Boost Staff Engagement & Performance

13.45 Afternoon Workshop Registration

14.00 Developing Managers For Leadership & Employee Engagement Capability

  • Determining how best to manage, support and train individual middle managers to maximise motivation, creativity, talent, skills, wellbeing and inclusion in their teams
  • Nurture the skills of aspiring leaders to develop their understanding of the engagement concepts and attitude early on before they take on that role
  • Developing listening and communication skills in management to ensure that they have the ability and confidence to have effective conversations with staff and senior management

Hansi Jackson
Learning & Development Manager

14.45 Enabling Managers To Drive Sustainable Engagement

  • Building the confidence of managers to be held accountable for their messages and possess the ability to give constructive feedback to staff
  • Enabling leaders to impact the performance of others and have the time and opportunities to dedicate to training and developing staff
  • How do you create managers who positively manage their teams on a day-to-day basis and drive sustainable engagement and increased performance?
  • Proven techniques for promoting and monitoring day-to-day engagement practices, appraisals, reward and recognition at middle management level

Damien Shieber
Senior Manager – HR
Banco SantanderEE2016_schieber(santander)

15.30 Refreshment Break & Networking

16.00 Harnessing Management To Communicate Key Messages

  • Harness the power of line managers to ensure briefing cascades and mechanisms are working correctly
  • Encouraging leadership to take the reins and recognise their role in supporting behavioural and cultural change from within for sustained engagement which filters throughout the organisation
  • Ensure line managers emulate and demonstrate the values of the company throughout the organisation and are directly influencing their teams

James Taylor
Deputy Director of HR
House of LordsEE2016_taylor(houseoflords)

16.45 Afternoon Workshop Closes

For more information on how you can get involved, please call +44(0)20 3479 2299 or email partner@engagingemployeesconference.com.

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