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31 HR & Engagement Directors Explore Fresh Approaches To Inspire & Connect With Employees In This New Reality!

New, Innovative Approaches To Inspire & Connect For Value-Adding Employee Engagement Strategies: Cut Through With Impactful Strategies & Communications Around Home Working, Digital Tools & Technologies, Health & Wellbeing, Leadership Behaviours, Culture, Inclusion & Diversity, Change, Recognition, Learning & Development & Impact Measurement. A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Virtual Event, 27th April 2021 - 7th Annual!

08.30 Log In & Explore The Dedicated Virtual Event Platform

09.00 GIC Welcome, Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dr Sally Jackson, Chief People Officer, Sheffield Hallam University

Rachel Ovington, Head of HR – Corporate & Commercial, KP Snacks


09.15 Engage Employees, Revitalise Resilience & Navigate Change Effectively & Safely To Restore Confidence & Foster Belonging During Periods Of Adversity & Disruption

  • As organisations adapt faster than ever before, explore how business leaders have protected employee motivation and engagement and minimised disenfranchisement
  • Review the importance of clear and consistent communication with employees as you restructure your businesses change journey and rebuild an authentic connection
  • COVID lessons learnt! Reflect upon and utilise challenges faced and overcome to redefine business expectations, support employees, and preserve business reputation moving forward
  • Avoid change fatigue by designing and encouraging a vision which will adapt to change with the right tools and skillsets

Ian Nicol, Head of Colleague Engagement, Yorkshire Water


09.35 Inform, Engage & Inspire With Innovative & Effective Flexible Working Strategies Which Keep Home & Remote Workers Connected For Maximum Engagement & Productivity

  • One company, one culture! Ensure your business is seamlessly adapting to support, motivate and reach frontline, remote and hard-to-reach workers whilst maintaining a strong company culture
  • Combat communication challenges by equipping remote teams with the right tech and digital to prevent Disconnection from the wider business
  • Ensure a clear and consistent message between home and office workers by listening to concerns and adapting to fulfil the needs of remote working
  • Establish a reintegration strategy which is slow, steady, safe and fills your employees with the confidence they need to return to the workplace

Sam Buckingham, HRD Birds Eye UK & Ireland, Nomad Foods

Heather Andrews, Director of Employee Experience, Legal & General Group Plc

Danni Ørting Haubro, Head of People & Organisation, Novo Nordisk

Sneh Barker, People Partner, Rolls-Royce

Anthony D. Fitzpatrick FRSA, Head of Colleague Experience & Employment Policy, Aviva

Shalini Gupta, Leadership Communications Manager, BT


10.05 Using Better, More Innovative Employee Insight To Drive Improved Performance

Representative from Karian and Box


10.25 Maximise The Latest Digital, Social & Technologies For Ultimate Engagement, Efficiencies & Results – Without Losing The Human Touch

  • Leverage new technologies and digital to tackle the commercial imperatives of employee engagement and experience and ensure a connected workforce
  • From Microsoft Teams, Slack and Yammer… assess, review and determine the best digital platform mix for your people and organisation
  • Maximise the virtual tools and technologies available to keep your employees engaged and connected even when the workforce is dispersed
  • But… what about data protection? How are managers supporting staff being responsible for their own data and protecting them online in this new decentralised and digitised reality

Steve Hargreaves, Internal Communications Manager, pladis Global

10.45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.15 Keep Your Employees Connected To Your Organisation’s Vision & Culture By Fostering A Culture Of Trust & Transparency Which Drives Business-Wide Engagement

  • Building for success! Establish a line of sight between individual roles and the company’s collective vision to build employee purpose and commitment
  • Keep your culture alive and morale high despite challenging circumstances; how can we mitigate a clouded atmosphere and reignite company culture?
  • Create an open, transparent, and trusting organisational culture where the channel of communication is open between managers and staff with values employees are connected to

Sam Buckingham, HRD Birds Eye UK & Ireland, Nomad Foods

11.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


11.50 Nurture A Supportive Organisational Culture, Encourage Open Conversations & Upskill Leaders To Raise Awareness & Provide Health & Wellbeing Support To Employees

  • With the restriction of face-to-face interaction, how have business leaders adapted strategies to support employee’s mental health and wellbeing?
  • How can you recognise growing levels of isolation, anxiety, and stress in employees and provide them with authentic health and wellbeing support?
  • Working from home or living at work? Embed and implement projects that will benefit employee’s general wellbeing with meaningful impact and inspire a Health work-life balance
  • Future-proof your health and wellbeing strategies by upskilling leaders to support staff and promote the importance of wellbeing on a regular basis beyond COVID-19

Alison Fox-Robinson, Head of Colleague & Community Engagement, Pfizer UK

Jane Garvey, Chief People Officer, Nuffield Health

Catrinel Stanila, Head of Colleague Experience, Shell Energy Retail

Abigail Wilmore, Chief People Officer, Stella McCartney

Marit Meyer-Bell, Head of Corporate Communications, Travis Perkins plc

Dominic Carey, Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager, Great Western Railway

Kate Faxen, Head of Employee Experience, UCL


12.20 Truly Embed A Sense Of Togetherness Into Your Organisation With Authentic Inclusion & Diversity Strategies Which Create A Universal Sense Of Belonging

  • What does good diversity and inclusion look like in practice, and how can we ensure it is properly embedded across all working practices and paid due diligence?
  • Leverage 2020 lessons learnt to drive the future of diversity and inclusion, maintain momentum, and bring about real change
  • How can we cultivate an authentic culture where everyone feels accepted?
  • Secure long-term buy-in from leadership to ensure inclusion and diversity is kept a top priority in your business’ agenda

Jay Muthu, Executive Director for Employee Experience, Virgin Media

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.00 Peer-To-Peer Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Redefining Colleague Engagement In A Post Covid-World

Dominic Carey, Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager, Great Western Railway

B) Aligning The Brand From The Inside Out

Marit Meyer-Bell, Head of Corporate Communications, Travis Perkins plc

C) Are Your Leaders Great Influencers?

Representative from Karian and Box

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Nicole Zube, Senior Director, HR, Kellogg’s

Amanda Dunmore, Head of Employee & Supplier Communications, 


13.50 Inspire Senior Leaders & Managers To Promote, Champion & Drive Business-Wide Engagement With Impactful Mindsets & Behaviours To Position Them As Visible & Personal Leadership

  • Drive employee engagement throughout the business by encouraging open conversations between senior leaders and employees
  • Successfully nurture, equip and upskill managers with the right tools and authentic comms styles and strategies to deliver key messages to power real, performance-boosting engagement
  • Truly utilise employee listening and action real insights to drive improved performance and engagement by implementing employee feedback straight into your strategies

Speaker to be announced - please check the website for updates.


14.10 Elevate Engagement & Reach With Diverse, Targeted & Consistent Communication Strategies Across Multiple Channels

  • Strong communication and employee engagement is critical in times of crisis! Respond confidently, transparently and empathetically to guide your workforce through periods of change and disruption
  • Virtual (dis)engagement: how to embrace and embed digital communications effectively and authentically to drive engagement and reach your entire workforce without breaking the bank
  • Canvass employee feedback on preferred formats, content and frequency to deliver effective, streamlined communications without bombarding your workforce
  • It’s a balancing act! Apply to all generations and demographics by determining the most effective, appropriate channel choices which guarantee reach regardless of your employee’s location or device

Emily Kirwan, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, BBC News

Lesley McPherson, Director of Communications & Marketing, The Co-operative Bank

Alex Snelling, Senior Director Talent, McDonald’s

Matt Cooper, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel Ovington, Head of HR – Corporate & Commercial, KP Snacks


Zara-Mary Bennett, Ops Comms & Activity Manager, Greene King

Anne-Marie Kiernan, Head of Internal Communications, Kellogg Europe

Rachel Wells, Communications Director (Culture & Trust) - Pharma Supply Chain, GSK

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


15.10 Connecting Colleagues To Your Brand By Bringing Everyone Appreciation & Recognition. How We Built Our Recognition Programme Around Our Brand & Put Our Values At The Heart. Our Harrods Journey

Viv McSweeney, Head of People Comms & Experience, Harrods

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Demonstrate The Value Of Successful Employee Engagement With Effective Metrics & Measurement Tools Which Prove ROI & Secure Buy-In

  • Identify actionable employee insights to inform and adapt future strategies
  • As homeworking becomes the new ‘normal’, overcome new barriers to measurement and obtain real, honest feedback around employee experience
  • Explore effective techniques to temperature check employee engagement and action insights to continue to drive top and bottom-line performance long-term, and prove the commercial value of engagement

Naomi Sayers, Senior Colleague Experience Manager, Sainsbury’s Tech

Gillian Green, Colleague Experience Manager, 
Sainsbury’s Tech


16.20 Empower Your Employees To Kickstart Employee-Led Learning & Development & Nurture Talent From Within To Keep The People At The Heart Of Your Business

  • With the loss of face-to-face interaction, how can you protect learning and development with management and encourage employee-led L&D by directing and supporting your workforce
  • When budgets are cut, how can you leverage your internal knowledge and specialism to benefit employees across the wider business?
  • Bridging the progression gap between those in the office and those remote… how can we best avoid disparity in fairness and equality between those present and remote?
  • Best-practice tips and tricks to map out clear career paths which build colleagues up within the business and increase engagement and retention long-term

Andrew Lawson, Head of HR, Shakespeare’s Globe

16.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference


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