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Boost Organisational Performance, Productivity & Retention & Support Staff During Times Of Change By Driving Next-Level, Influential & Sustained Employee Engagement Strategies

Empower Leaders, Leverage New Tools, Harness Employee Feedback, Optimise Your Communications Channel Mix, Effectively Reward, Embed Positive Cultures & Clearly Demonstrate Bottom-Line Value & ROI For Senior Investment

A One Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th November 2017, Millennium Gloucester, London

08.30 Registration, Speed Networking & Coffee

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Caroline Beardall
Director of Organisational Effectiveness
NHS Improvement

Chris Parkinson
Head of Learning, Development & Engagement
TSB Bank


09.20 Pioneering Approaches & Innovations For Next-Level Employee Engagement Which Boosts Organisational Performance, Productivity & Retention

  • Cut through the noise with timely, tailored communications to convey vital business information without bombarding employees
  • Harness cross-sector learnings and trends and adapt them to your organisation for innovative engagement communications
  • Who ‘owns’ engagement? Strategies which empower employees to take responsibility for their own career experience for more dedicated, empowered employees who go the extra mile
  • Horizon-scanning: how can we anticipate future mission-critical strategies to develop motivated, engaged workforces in years to come?

morning panel - Copy

Bruce Greenhalgh
Global Health & Wellbeing Clinical
Lead BT

Sandy Wilkie
Staff Engagement Lead
Bolton NHS Foundation

Sandy Wilkie
Staff Engagement Lead
Bolton NHS Foundation

Amber Kelly
Engagement, Learning & Talent Director
Post Office

Sharon Kemp
Colleague Engagement Business Partner
The Co-op

Karen Notaro
Head of Engagement
Ministry of Justice UK


09.50 Deliver Clear, Well-Timed Change Communications To Support Business Shifts & Transitions & Maintain Employee Motivation & Engagement

  • Assess and benchmark the various change models available to maintain employee engagement through transition periods and how to apply them within your organisation
  • Innovative tips to bring employees with you through change by listening to their concerns and emphasising leader visibility for inclusive processes
  • Best-practice advice to sustain engagement and show employees the silver lining and avoid negativity during times of change and uncertainty
  • Winning methods to disseminate messages from senior management in a clear yet sensitive way that maintains engagement rather than disrupting morale

Ben Hutchinson
Head of Business Change
Thales UK


10.10 Winning Techniques To Track, Measure & Action Employee Feedback & Drive Engagement By Genuinely Listening To Your Colleagues

  • Tried and tested techniques to measure employee feedback to understand how employees really feel for an accurate picture of your organisation’s engagement levels
  • Not just hearing, but listening: make visible business changes to demonstrate that employees’ views are important
  • Foster two-way conversations and yield genuine, actionable insights which help your business progress
  • Beyond the survey: assess the range of techniques available to monitor the employee voice and extract insights from all levels of your organisation

Charlie Field
Senior Director Communication & Colleague Experience

Carl Tabisz
Senior Manager – Engagement

10.30 Please Make Your Way To The Networking Room

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.10 Key Tools & Tactics To Measure & Prove The Tangible, Bottom-Line Value Of Employee Engagement & Build A Solid Case For Investment

  • Proven techniques to measure and demonstrate the commercial value of engagement to senior teams in terms of productivity, attrition and retention
  • Secure investment from sceptical senior management with compelling and effective techniques to show the direct correlation between engagement and profit
  • Cross-sector insights into workforce engagement ROI: benchmark and maximise your business potential to ensure you’re delivering the greatest value for your sector

Jennifer Rhule
Head of Culture & Employee Engagement
Royal London


11.35 How To Gain More Insight & Value From Your Employee Engagement Research

James Tarbit
Karian and Box


12.00 Let’s Practise What We Preach: Tracking The Conference Delegation’s Voice With Genuine Two-Way Conversations
Help shape the day’s content as the panellists gather real-time audience feedback in this interactive session reflecting on the day’s key learnings to develop truly practical, ‘take-back-to-the-office’ action points.

Ross Parker
People & Communication Manager

Chris Parkinson
Head of Learning, Development & Engagement
TSB Bank


12.20 Do More With Less! Winning Techniques To Foster Effective, Sustained Engagement With Limited Resources

  • Innovative, fresh techniques for high-impact, low-spend engagement strategies
  • Get to the heart of what you’re trying to communicate (and how best to do so) to foster engagement with no-frills strategies that hit the mark
  • Tips to deliver high engagement levels when rolling out new programmes which optimise the use of your existing toolbox

Melissa Stewart
Head of Internal Communications & Engagement
Save the Children

12.40 Please Make Your Way To The Networking Room For Lunch & Informal Networking

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners Feedback

13.25 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Employee Engagement Through Meaning – A Case Study
Chris Norman
Strategy Director & MD
Good Agency

A) Mindfulness & Engagement
Bruce Greenhalgh
Global Health & Wellbeing Clinical Lead

B) Achieving The “Great Place To Work” Status
Chris Parkinson
Head of Learning, Development & Engagement
TSB Bank

C) Engaging A Dispersed Workforce
Joanne Tyler
Employee Engagement Manager

D) Traditional Channels
Jamie Morgan
Head of Internal Campaigns
Department of Health

E) Engaging Employees In Customer Insight & Data Tools
Mercedes Clark-Smith
Head of Products & Engagement

F) Social Media
Toni Noble
Head of Internal Communications
PepsiCo UK

G) Intranet
Lauren Vincent
Employee Comms & Engagement Manager

13.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Howard Krais
Communications Director

Sandy Wilkie
Staff Engagement Lead
Bolton NHS FT


14.00 Reach & Engage Employees Across Different Sites, Generations, Geographies & Skillsets With Tailored, Multi-Channel Comms

  • A tailored approach: structuring and segmenting your communications for different demographics and employees
  • Embracing technology to access remote employees from 17 to 70
  • Unresponsive or disconnected employees? Enhance opportunities for staff to embrace organisational core values when faced with challenging or disengaging work environments

Nathan Wallis
Head of Strategic Communications

Shereen Daniels
Head of HR
Caffè Nero

Tammy Palmer
Head of Development & Engagement
Age UK

14.25 Driving Engagement & Performance – A Game Designer’s View

Marcus Thornley


14.40 Galvanise Leaders & Make Them Powerful Engagement Advocates To Positively Impact & Deliver Business-Wide Engagement

  • Best-practice techniques which empower managers and leaders with the skills they need to engage staff
  • Embed a culture where managers display genuine care and interest in the views of their teams for rewarding, mutually-beneficial dialogue which drives business performance
  • Inspire managers to understand their responsibility to drive engagement with consistent, supportive communications which praise strong performance and bolster morale

Lucy Brown
Head of Clinical Talent & Engagement
Bupa UK


15.00 Mastering Innovative Digital & Social Media Channels & Implementing New Tools & Technologies For State-Of-The-Art Engagement

  • Stay ahead of the engagement curve: evaluating the cutting-edge tools and technologies to keep employees motivated
  • Build the business case for investment in the latest engagement tools to win senior support for new technology
  • Best-practice advice to define and refine your intranet strategies and truly embed an engagement hub aligned to your workforce
  • Worth the hype? From Facebook to Yammer to Slack, debating the practical benefits and drawbacks of social media to aid employee engagement

sky morrisons souther panel
Mercedes Clark-Smith
Head of Products & Engagement

David Hill
Senior People Manager Engagement & Change
Wm Morrisons

Cory Reynolds
Head of Communications & Digital Development
Southern Water

15.30 Employees Are Looking For Meaning, Not Money

Chris Norman
Strategy Director & MD
Good Agency

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Facilitated Networking

16.10 Totem To Announce The Competition Winner


16.15 Everybody Wants A Slice: Learn About Domino’s Pizza & Their Digital Workplace

Dominique Buff
Training Manager
Domino’s Pizza



16.30 Let’s Practise What We Preach: Tracking The Conference Delegation’s Voice With Genuine Two-Way Conversations
Help shape the day’s content as the panellists gather real-time audience feedback in this interactive session reflecting on the day’s key learnings to develop truly practical, ‘take-back-to-the-office’ action points.

Joanne Tyler
Employee Engagement Manager

Sandy Wilkie
Staff Engagement Lead
Bolton NHS FT

Howard Krais
Communications Director



16.50 Embed & Sustain Winning Values, Cultures & Behaviours At The Core Of Your Organisation To Keep Employees Happy, Healthy & Productive

  • Practical strategies to develop employees into active brand advocates who live and breathe your organisation’s core values
  • Align your external and internal brand proposition to embed a positive workplace culture which resonates with colleagues
  • Assessing how far you can actually entrench shared values across large organisations with varied geographies and cultures
  • Key insights into driving and embedding a shift towards positive behaviours and cultures

Caroline Thomas
Director of HR & Colleague Comms & Engagement


17.10 Tailored Approaches To Rewarding & Recognising Individual & Team Achievements To Foster Inclusion & Engagement

  • Achieve the perfect blend of rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees with vastly different roles, ambitions and expectations
  • Strategies to recognise and reinforce positive employee behaviours, at little to no cost, to keep teams motivated and keen to succeed
  • Develop an engaging array of internal opportunities, from secondments to placements, to drive efficiency, motivation and training

Nik Butcher
Head of Reward
Heathrow Airport

17.30 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference