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35 Practitioners Speaking In 1 Day | Engaging Employees Conference – Optimising Performance Programme

Boost Organisational Performance & The Bottom Line With Impactful, People-Centric, Value-Driven Employee Engagement Strategies: Power Long-Term Engagement • Inspire During Periods Of Change • Empower Leaders • Leverage New Tech & Digital Channels • Resonate With Diverse Demographics • Attract Top Talent, Celebrate Success & Reward Achievement • Embed Positive Cultures • Demonstrate Bottom-Line Value & ROI To Win Buy-In

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A Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 28th November 2019, One America Square, London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Duncan Young
Director of Business Communications
Royal Bank of Scotland



Tam Sandeman
VP Global & Corporate Internal Engagement

Engagement & Buy-In

09.20 Generate Genuine Employee Engagement By Really Understanding Employee Needs, Desires & Sticking Points To Drive A Better Culture & Boost Performance

  • Every employee counts! Top tips to establish a line of sight between individual roles and the company’s collective vision to build employee purpose and commitment
  • Advanced strategies behind localising and humanising your communications to better connect with colleagues
  • Successful approaches to turning employees into authentic brand advocates and enabling them to share content they’re interested in
  • As new, automated technologies are introduced into the workplace, how can you organise and motivate your teams to deliver satisfying experiences to your customers without losing that personal touch?

Kim Atherton
Chief People Officer
OVO Energy

Engaging Through Change | Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.40 Engage Employees Through Difficult Periods Of Business Transformation & Inspire Resilience & Success Despite The Impact Of External Factors

  • Do more than just firefight! Inspire your employees to excite them about the future, despite ongoing challenges
  • How is the changing political climate affecting businesses?
  • Identify and hone in on the “what’s in it for me?” factor for your employees to better alleviate their concerns and mitigate feelings of change fatigue
  • Advice on increasing transparency and making the business processes decisions as clear as possible to your employees

Jennifer Thomas
Head of Internal 
Comms, Experience & Sustainability
Direct Line Group



Nicholas Coyne
HR Director, Technology
Paddy Power Betfair



Sarah McPake
Engagement, Senior Manager



Michelle Clark
Head of Employee Experience
GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway)



Áine Murphy
Head of Internal 
Communications & Engagement



Justin Hyde
Workplace Culture Lead

Case Study

10.10 Using Better, More Innovative Employee Insight To Drive Improved Performance

Ghassan Karian
Karian and Box

Engage Different Demographics

10.30 Identifying & Applying Approaches Which Resonate With Different Demographics To Appeal To An Increasingly Diverse Workforce

  • Plugging the generation gap! Understanding what motivates younger employees and managing your high-potential millennials and gen-z to boost loyalty and retention
  • Where are people finding success with engaging younger people? Is technology the way forward over face-to-face engagement?
  • What does good diversity and inclusion look like in practice, and how can we ensure it is properly embedded across all working practices?
  • Employees aren’t a homogenous entity, but how can organisations smartly address that fact without tailoring absolutely everything

Tom Rainsford
Director of Brand, Engagement & Culture



10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Digital Engagement | Panel Discussion & Q&A

11.20 Win Over Employees With Digital & Social Channels & Innovative Technologies To Increase Engagement, Boost Efficiencies & Drive Results

  • How can steadfast, long-established companies make themselves more relevant, adaptable and agile in an increasingly fast-paced world?
  • Steps to decrease the likelihood of new tools and technologies being ignored or employees being scared of anti-adoption
  • Do we need to flash the cash? Can we get employees fully engaged with the technologies and tools already available to us?
  • A look to the emerging digital trends in communication: which of the frontrunners are likely to stick and could make a difference?

Alyson Davis
Colleague Engagement & Communications Manager
Boots UK



Rachel Dies
Head of Employee Experience
Brtivic PLC



Svea Milena Schröder
Global Communications Business Partner
Imperial Brands



Dominic Carey
Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager
Great Western Railway



Suzanne Roddie
Head of Talent & Performance
Virgin Atlantic

Case Study

11.50 Engaging Intranet Success Story With Interact


12.05 Craft A Culture Of Two-Way Communication & To Build Mutual Trust & Boost Employee Engagement

  • Nurture a culture of inclusivity and bridge the gap between head office and the front line to combat toxic feelings of “them versus us”
  • Create watertight listening strategies which build a positive culture and improve the experience, efficiency and effectiveness of your employees
  • Establish a two-way flow of communication between management and workers to give everybody a voice and demonstrate that everyone’s input influences decision-making
  • How can you build a culture and make it stick across multiple geographical locations and other countries?

Helen Schick
Head of Organisational Development & Engagement
Alzheimer’s Society

Leaders & Managers | Double Perspective

12.25 Inspire Leaders & Managers To Buy Into Your Engagement Initiatives & Position Them As Role Models & Entrusted Change Agents

  • Motivate your leaders and managers to get them playing an active role in pushing your narratives and championing engagement
  • Don’t operate in a vacuum! How can organisations harness the skills of their top people and natural leaders to roll out employee feedback-based improvements?
  • Supporting your leaders to deal with issues around health and wellbeing in the workplace, for themselves and those in their care
  • When senior employees have so much on their plates already, how can we invigorate them to drive engagement and inspire them by proving the benefits of their involvement?

12.25 Perspective One
Mat Davies
HR Director
Addison Lee Group



12.45 Perspective One
Gerard Penning
EVP HR, Downstream
Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Upskilling & Personal Development

Helen Chown
Senior Communications Manager



B) Engaging Stakeholders

Nicholas Coyne
HR Director, Technology
Paddy Power Betfair



C) Are Your Leaders Great Influencers?

Ghassan Karian
Karian and Box



14.05 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Paul Downey
Head of Internal Communications & Engagement
Moneysupermarket Group

Measuring Engagement | Panel Discussion & Q&A

14.15 Harness New & Innovative Methods To Measure Employee Engagement & Demonstrate The ROI Of Your Communication Strategies

  • A measured approach to measurement: top tips to cut costs and avoid excessive spending on surveys and action plans every year
  • What’s the ROI on one-off live, immersive events versus traditional comms like email, social media and face-to-face? Do the benefits justify the difference in cost?
  • Measure at leisure! Leverage better people data to identify correlations and patterns and help leaders make more accurate and informed business decisions
  • What’s the next step once you’ve gathered employee feedback? Cutting down and communicating the expected timeframes to implement improvements

Andrew Lawson
Head of HR
Shakespeare’s Globe


Jenny Johnstone

Deputy Chief Experience Officer, Executive Coach, & RubisQI Programme Director


Amanda Hamer

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Communications Operations Manager

Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth
Chief HR Officer

Attraction & Retention

14.45 Attract Top Talent & Keep Your Workforce Loyal & Engaged Throughout Their Employee Life Cycle

  • Win the war for talent! Are you doing enough to ensure that your organisation is a good place to work in order to attract the right people, as well as keep them happy in the long run?
  • Implement pre-hiring excellence into your employee journey to get your employees excited about working for you before they’ve even signed their contract
  • What does good engagement mean for employees? Ensuring you’re delivering pivotal messages and touchpoints to them at the right times throughout their employee life cycle

Paul Gilliam
HR Director UK & Ireland



15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.05 Harness Innovative Technologies, Channels & Approaches To Reach & Engage Remote Workers In Your Business Strategy & Culture

  • With a growing emergence of remote and homebased workers, how can you make sure you’re keeping them informed?
  • Leverage innovative technologies and channels to engage remote workers, all whilst retaining the human touch and without leaning too heavily on technology as an enabler
  • Improve ongoing comms strategies with better insights into the day-to-day challenges faced by remote workers that might make them less responsive and receptive to your messages
  • Bolster team cohesion despite geographical barriers and guarantee that your virtual teams are as dynamic as face-to-face teams with more regular contact

Caroline Chivers
Head of Internal Communications & Engagement
Marie Curie

Health & Wellbeing | Panel Discussion & Q&A

16.20 Implement & Keep Health & Wellbeing On Your Organisation’s Agenda & Empower Your Staff To Come Forward & Discuss Workplace Anxieties

  • Putting measures in place is one thing, but how do we empower employees to actually engage with them? What channels and approaches are businesses using to successfully open up these crucial
  • Drum up awareness and conversations around health and wellbeing and ensure it remains a continued topic of discussion
  • Advice on gaining buy-in from leaders and managers and supporting those managers to assist employees on a local level, as well as developing their abilities to spot signs of anxiety
  • How can you communicate wellbeing on a regular basis without fatiguing people or applying too much pressure?

Simon Eade
Head of People Experience UK & Ireland
Volvo Cars UK Ltd



Richard Stanbury
Head of Employee Relations
Direct Line Group



Jane Arlow
Group Reward Director
Nomad Foods



Catherine Allen
Head of Keeping People Happy
Ella’s Kitchen



Arlene Amitirigala
Head of Engagement & Employee Communications, Europe



Vilma Nikolaidou
Associate Director HR (People Strategy)
University of the Arts London



Carol Brown
Communications & Colleague Experience Partner
N Brown Group



Janou Biermans
HR VP Mars Food Europe & Russia


16.50 From Social Media To The Staff Canteen: Enhance Your Engagement Reach With Varied, Targeted & Innovative Communications Across Multiple Channels

  • What does a successful workplace social media platform look like? How can organisations use them to influence and engage people, without being seen to police organic activity and individual expression?
  • Master the art of creating different but thematically-linked messages and communications across multiple channels to keep momentum and engagement up on all fronts
  • Think more like consumers! Introduce refreshing innovations into your written, audio and video content and have fun with your brand to better appeal to your audiences
  • Canvass employee opinion and feedback on what formats they’d like to consume and implementing that into future communication strategies

Speaker to be announced; please check the website for details.

Rewards & Recognition

17.10 Innovative Approaches To Rewarding Exemplary Employee Behaviours To Boost Engagement, Without Breaking The Bank

  • How can non-HR functions recognise and reward their people without having to jump through hoops, and how can comms professionals support them?
  • Innovative methods to reward your employees other than through monetary gifts
  • Avoid overlooking the vast majority of day-to-day good work to only reward exceptional, less common achievements

Dominic Carey
Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager
Great Western Railway



17.30 Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.40 Official Close Of Main Day Conference

PLUS! Don't Miss The Separately-Bookable Pre-Conference Multi-Channel & Digital Employee Engagement Practical Workshop Day.

Multi-Channel Strategies Which Maximise Employee Engagement: Leverage The Latest Platforms & Technologies, Deploy Creative, Tailored Messaging & Think Outside The Box To Overcome Geographical, Generational & Cultural Barriers To Deliver

A Separately-Bookable Pre-Conference Workshop Day, 27th November 2019, Central London.

  1. Maximise Reach With Expert Multi-Channel Comms: Guarantee your messages resonate with employees on every channel and stand out through the noise
  2. Next-Level Technologies For Sky-High Engagement: Exploring financially-viable, accessible and practical technologies to support engagement?
  3. Drive Exceptional Engagement With End-To-End Multi-Channel: Determining the right channels, content and media mix for effective, engaging multi-channel employee communications
  4. Next-Level Digital Engagement: Sharpen your digital engagement strategies to get employees and leaders bought into new tools – without losing the human touch!
  5. Fit-For-Future Hard-To-Reach Strategies: Ensure they’re not out of sight, out of mind and engage workers wherever they are with innovative new tech and channels
  6. Champion Diversity & Inclusion & Boost Engagement: Successfully embed D&I into your organisation to attract and retain diverse talent and foster authentic, inclusive cultures
  7. Unlock The Power Of Social Media! Build awareness, drive engagement and ensure your brand messages have impact on different social media channels

08.40 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.10 GIC Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

Duncan Young
Director of Business Communications
Royal Bank of Scotland



09.30 Meet & Greet
Get to know your fellow delegates – what are you hoping to get out of today’s sessions?

Multi-Channel Comms

09.40 Guarantee Your Messages Resonate With Employees Across Numerous Channels For Maximum Reach & Engagement

  • Do more with less! What does excellent multi-channel engagement look like, without having millions of pounds to spare or the perfect resources already under your belt?
  • Ensure your messages stand out amidst the noise when communicating across multiple channels
  • Are there any free or cheap channels we should be exploring as alternatives, to avoid investing in building new systems or overhauling long-outdated intranets of yesteryear?
  • Advice on building employee trust in internal social media channels and forums to generate a productive, collaborative and well-connected work environment and culture

Steve Hargreaves
Internal Communications Manager
pladis Global

Mairi Brighton
Employee Engagement Lead (UK&I)
pladis Global

New Technologies

10.10 What Are The Most Viable, Accessible & Practical Technologies To Support Engagement: Now & In The Future?

  • What are the genuine, dedicated employee engagement platforms which will help us to carry out our jobs better and achieve the desired outcomes?
  • How are AI and automation poised to shake up the way we measure engagement and conduct surveys moving forward?
  • Evaluate the tools on the market and ascertain which are going to be the most affordable and demonstrate a return on investment
  • What are the technological trends that we need to be thinking about and incorporating in the future?

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Details.

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

End-To-End Multi-Channel

11.10 Determining The Right Channels, Content & Media Mix For Effective, Engaging Multi-Channel Employee Communications From Day One

  • Is an omnichannel approach essential to be certain that all key messages are resonating with our audiences, across all ages and demographics?
  • How should different platforms be used? What are the do’s and don’ts of using social channels for business rather than social purposes?
  • Are social media channels actively helping to drive engagement, or are we just investing in awareness by having a presence there?

Sadhana Bhide
Vice President - Head of Barclays Global Alumni Programme

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


Digital Engagement

12.00 Sharpen Your Digital Engagement Strategies To Get Employees & Leaders Bought Into Your New Tools & Drive Efficiency

  • Practical tips to become genuinely innovative with your digital engagement strategies, without losing sight of the all-important human element
  • Are companies moving towards digital transformation simply because it’s a trend, or are there genuine, indisputable benefits it can bring to employees?
  • How can we get buy-in from senior executives to invest in new technologies when companies are generally cutting costs across the board?
  • What are some takeaway examples of methodologies and frameworks that companies of different sizes have rolled out and found success with?

Craig Hoey
Digital Lead for Business Communications

12.30 Lunch For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.00 Informal Networking Discussions

13.30 Chair’s Afternoon Remarks

Hard-To-Reach Snapshots | Remote Workers & Non-Desk-Based

13.35 Ensure They’re Not Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Tips & Tactics To Build Communications With Remote & Non-Desk-Based Staff To Foster Engagement Wherever They Are!

  • How do you reach and engage employees who don’t have a corporate mobile, email account or aren’t desk-based?

Rhiannon Edwards
Head of Internal Communications


Hard-To-Reach Snapshots | Generational

13.55 One Size Doesn’t Fit All: From 16-75+ Ensuring Appropriate Comms & Messaging Which Includes & Engages Every Demographic

  • What are people doing and using to engage younger people? Have they found the most success with technology or face-to-face?
  • Advice on motivating a younger workforce and dealing with generational gaps within the workplace
  • Strategies to manage your high-potential millennial employees and retain them in the long-term

Dan Holden
Internal Communications Specialist

Hard-To-Reach Snapshots | Cultural & Language Barriers

14.05 Cultural & Language Barriers

  • Recognise and address the cultural challenges behind why some colleagues might be less receptive to your communications
  • Advice on the best messages and approaches to use when communicating with employees when there is a language and/or cultural barrier
  • How do you make sure you’re engaging colleagues across the globe, when factoring in time zones and cultural nuances?

Amanda Hamer
Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Communications Operations Manager

Breakout Discussions

14.15 Informal Unfacilitated Hard-To-Reach Breakout Discussions

A) Flexible Working

  • With the growing emergence of flexible working, how can you make sure you’re keeping them updated on business strategy and key developments?
  • Keep your employees feeling part of the wider team and bigger picture, even if their circumstances demand more flexible working hours and time away from the office

B) International & Global

  • The logistics of working with employees in different time zones and spread around the world

Hard-To-Reach | Panel Discussion

14.45 Tapping Into Drivers & Overcoming Day-To-Day Challenges For Engaging Comms Strategies That Resonate With Every Employee

Understand the key drivers and day-to-day challenges faced by hard-to-reach employees that might make them less responsive and receptive to your messages and use the learnings to influence and inform your communication strategies moving forwards.

Amanda Hamer
Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Communications Operations Manager

Leia Farnan
Internal Communications Manager
Moneysupermarket Group

Dan Holden
Internal Communications Specialist

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Harrods' Case Study

15.45 Connecting Colleagues Through Stories

Viv McSweeney
Head of EX & Employer Brand

Diversity & Inclusion

16.15 Implement Diversity & Inclusion Into Your Organisation To Attract Better Talent, Boost Engagement & Minimise Staff Turnover

  • It’s all well and good just saying it, but how can organisations properly ingrain diversity and inclusion into their working practices and allow it to naturally grow within the company culture?
  • What are the simplest steps to ensure employees feel like they belong in an organisation?
  • We’re all on the same path! How can you create allies and visible role models to support inclusion throughout the organisation?
  • How can you pre-empt potential employee needs and make their journey easier?
  • The triumphs and hurdles when uniting different staff networks

Sneh Sidhu-Barker
People Partner

Social Media

16.45 Leverage Social Media Within Your Company To Build Awareness, Community & Engagement Among Your Employees

  • How are companies bolstering their social media presence to make sure their messages land and that they’re engaging colleagues not based in the traditional office set-up?
  • Are social media channels worth the cost and actually helping to drive engagement, or are they just a tool to increase awareness?
  • Advice to ensure your brand messages stand out amidst the noise on social media channels
  • What format is the best fit for your brand? You might have their attention, but will your audiences genuinely engage with your content if it’s not pictures, video or audio?

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Details

Practical Takeaways

17.05 Reflection & Breakout Group Discussions

Reflect on the day’s sessions with your peers: what are the top, practical tips and tricks you’ll be taking back to the office? Share your thoughts in your groups before the chair rounds up the key insights from the day in this closing session.

17.15 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Duncan Young
Director of Business Communications
Royal Bank of Scotland